Who We Are

Gene and Emilee at Lazy J Outfitters are all about successful hunting, healthy and abundant wildlife, hearty meals, good times and conversations with plenty of laughs at the end of the day, treating everyone like they are family and hoping to make life long friends. They love the outdoors and good times with good people. They know their land and their wildlife; and they have ample amounts of that. Gene and Emilee are some of the most down to earth and genuine good-hearted people you’ll ever meet or hunt with. They are just like you, they crave the chase, the rut, the thundering-gobblers and the true hard work and dedication it takes to harvest a true monster.

Gene and Emilee have 15,000 acres to hunt on in two different counties; all of which is very diverse land; crop ground, hay meadows, pasture land, creek timber, and a 5 acre private fishing lake right next to the cabin. Guaranteed some of the best people and land you’ll every hunt on or with.