Whitetail Deer

Central-Eastern Kansas bow hunting paradise.

We pride ourselves on our bow hunting opportunities and hold the bow hunting near and dear to our hearts! We’ll show you the deer; the killing is up to you! We want to form a relationship with clients and become your go-to east-central Kansas outfitter! Year after year, hunt after hunt! We can’t wait to make memories with ya’ll!

What’s Included?

  • $3,500 for 6 days of Premium Whitetail hunting
  • Meals and lodging included
    • Plan for a cooked-hearty breakfast and a cooked-hot-hearty dinner; fridge and pantry full of snack bars and sandwich stuff for mid day.
    • Lodge is fully furnished with everything you will want or need (washer/dryer, full kitchen, full bath, wifi, tv’s, “man-cave” in the garage with a tv and pool table and dart board, huge back deck overlooking the 5 acre pond behind the lodge, front porch with chairs/table and grills/smokers).
  • Retrieving of game, cleaning/field dressing, caping out and hanging up in our private chilled meat locker on site to stay chilled while you stay.
    • We have a top-notch deer tracking dog that had 100% finds on dead deer in his first season with us in 2021. He will find them! Free/included to our paying clients.
    • Can also process and bag your meat if requested for an additional charge.
  • All blinds (ground, tower, and pop-up) and tree stands provided and ready for you. Also have climbing stands for those who choose to use them. Safety harnesses provided; bring your own if you have one you are comfortable with.

How We Hunt

  • We hunt all sorts of terrain; creek timber/bottoms, bottom-ground crop fields, pastureland, brushy/cedars, upland crop fields. The terrain is unlimited on our vast acreage!
  • Hunters can choose to hunt out of blind (ground, pop-up, towers) or out of tree stands. We have several options to suit the hunters with what they are comfortable with. Heaters offered to those that choose to use them.
  • We take you out and pick you up from every hunt.
  • Guides available at all times to help with any and all your needs. Guides can hunt with you if requested.

Where We Hunt

  • We have 15,000 acres to hunt on; very vast and beautiful whitetail terrain.
  • Our land is in Deer Units 10, 11, and 14. Based out of Lyndon, KS and spreads out in all directions from there.
  • Right between Melvern and Pomona Lake Reservoirs that hold a very large number of whitetails!

Availability for 2022

  • Muzzleloader (September 12-25, 2022): second week BOOKED. 2-3 spots available for first week.
  • Rifle (November 30-December 11, 2022): opening week BOOKED. VERY limited openings for last week of rifle.
  • Archery (September 12-December 31, 2022): Call for availability; filling up fast!
  • Booking for 2023 now!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • $500 deposit/hunter to lock your spot in.

  • Refundable if Non-Resident’s DON’T draw their tags

What to Bring
  • Camo clothing to wear during hunting (September is generally still warm/hot with showers/thunderstorms and cooler evenings. Octobers are generally cooler, November and December are COLD) and clothes to wear while relaxing at the lodge

  • Rifle, ammo, etc if rifle hunting. Bow, arrows, broadheads, etc if bow hunting.

  • Other items: camera, cooler for taking home meat if wanted, game tags and hunting license, head lamps, etc.

Licensing Requirements
  • Kansas Residents:

    • Hunting license (ages 16-74 must have a hunting license unless exempt by Kansas Law) and permits/tags bought over the counter through a licensed agent/business. Lamont Hill restaurant in Vassar, KS and Osage Hardware in Osage City, KS are two close places near the lodge to get hunting license and deer permits/tags. Any state park office can sell them also (Eisenhower State Park/Melvern Reservoir and Pomona State Park/Pomona Reservoir are both also close to the lodge).

  • Non-Residents:

    • Regardless of age all Non-Resident hunters must have a non-resident hunting license.

    • Must apply/draw for hunting tags (apply online at ksoutdoors.com or over the phone at 1-833-587-2164). Application period for April 1-April 29, 2022.

    • Non-Resident hunting license $97.50 (16 and older). $42.50 for 15 and younger. Non-resident hunting license is nonrefundable.

    • Non-Resident youth (15 and younger) Whitetail Deer Permit/tag $117.50 includes a $27.50 nonrefundable application fee.

    • Non-Resident (16 and older) Whitetail Deer Permit/tag $442.50 includes a $27.50 nonrefundable application fee.

Bag Limit
  • Non-Resident: 1 whitetail deer (buck, doe, or fawn) AND 1 whitetail antlerless deer (no additional fee, included with whitetail deer permit/tag).
  • Resident: 1 whitetail deer (buck, doe, or fawn) AND 1 whitetail antlerless deer (no additional fee, included with whitetail deer permit/tag). Can purchase up to four additional (in units 10A, 11, and 14 for our hunting land locations) whitetail antlerless permits/tags but the hunt price is for only 1 antlered whitetail and 1 antlerless whitetail.
About Our Hunts
  • Muzzleloader hunts are generally early mornings to mid-morning then back out for an evening hunt.

  • October Archery hunts are generally early mornings to mid-morning then back out for an evening hunt.

  • November hunts are all day long if you can sit that long. Otherwise early mornings to mid-day, take a short hour or two break then back out early afternoon till dark

  • December hunts are generally early mornings till mid-day, take a short hour or two break then back out early afternoon until dark.

  • We have a shooting range on site at the lodge for sighting in your rifles or muzzleloaders. Also have several different bow targets for sighting in your bows (crossbows and compound bow targets).

  • Guide Gratuity: tipping your guide is not required but it is typical to tip your guide 10-20%. Your guide will appreciate a tip and any feedback you have for them. It’s ultimately left up to the hunters when and if to tip their guide.


Airports: Commercial Airlines

  • Wichita Dwight D. Eisenhower National Airport: ICT – Wichita, KS (Our location is approximately 1 hour 35 minutes from the airport)
  • Kansas City International Airport: KCI – Kansas City, MO (Our location is approximately 1.5 hours from the airport)

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